Decision about buying A500 was practicaly done, when in a seconhdhand store display appeared german 464 in very good condition. Was a lot cheaper, has monitor. Was to stay only for a while, to be finally replaced with Amiga.

It was June 1988 when grey Schneider CPC 464 S.N. 533-7618045 found his final home.

The idea of making games has born somewhere between neverending lines of DATA typed from Bajtek or Schneider magazine. Hundreds of ideas ended with main character sprite or full game concept, some with actual title screen "converted" on 1mm graph paper.

Very few was implemented. All finished in the back of cupboard.

Over the years news from 8bit world aroused old ideas, but usually not for long.

ChibiAkumas channel became a trigger, we decided to give younghood's dreams one more chance.